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Music was invented by the hit Video Game Friday Night Funkin' in the Year 2020. Whilst this is the widely regarded as the origin of music as we know it, many early attempts have been discovered throughout mankind's history. A notable example of such is The Beatles; The Beatles are important to note as those apes were the only few who came close to the sheer brilliance of kawai sprite's musical works.
But that's a story for another time.. wink wink~ ;3 *starts making out with u*

Music is one of the universal cultural aspects of all human societies. But as we all know animals can't make music because they're incompetent and underdeveloped, I fucking hate animals I wish I could pick my neighbour's shitty little dog and twist it's head 360 degrees so it can stop barking every FUCKING SUNDAY MORNING.
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Vandalized Wikipedia articles are amongst some of my favorite genres of screenshots, and I've always wanted a website themed around them...

at least one without racism, blood, or other vomit-inducing content...
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And so Kiwipedia was born!
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